Covid notice

Influence of the corona situation on our project work:

We adapt flexibly to the specific requirements of our customers in the course of our recruiting process.

While many of our customers adhere to their recruiting processes without restriction, some companies have to adhere to restrictions such as the ban on meetings. In such cases, we can carry out the defined recruiting process in virtualized form.

In our project process, the detailed report that we prepare for our proposed candidates is of central importance. That is why we conduct personal interviews with the candidates we propose for a vacancy, strictly observing the infection control rules. 

The following candidate presentations can take place, depending on the customer situation, in a personal conversation or in the next step in a virtual form. We then organize this accordingly with the common video telephony solutions (e.g. Google Meet, Skype for Business & Zoom), these can also be used by several people from the home office if necessary. Even if the video interview cannot completely replace the personal impression, it gives a much better impression than a telephone call.